Facebook Marketing: What You Need to Know

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Hey, you there! Yes, you! Stop messing around on Facebook and listen up. Did you know that the site you spend so much time on can be a valuable asset to your business? Think about it this way: If you are spending so much time connecting with people and “becoming a fan” of various organizations and businesses on Facebook, how many other people are in the same boat? Why couldn’t you use the addictive nature of Facebook to your company’s advantage?

Facebook is used by more people than any other social media site, and statistics show that twenty percent of people who become a fan of a Facebook page will return to that page many times. That makes it easy for you to market your business to many people at once.

Facebook marketing is easy once you understand it and have the fundamentals under your belt. And once you do master how to do it, you’ll be able to branch out and get more and more fans to your site than ever before!

Facebook marketing hinges on one seemingly universal truth: People like to feel like they are getting a little something extra for nothing. Play on this! Entice people to come to your page by offering them a prize or a discount on your services by becoming a fan of your page.

Facebook is a great way for you to not only communicate with your fans but also for them to communicate with you. Read your fans’ comments and address them, both good and bad, or run the risk of having your Facebook marketing efforts flounder. Be interactive with your fans and you’ll see your efforts pay off.

Remember, too, that it’s no good to just amass a huge fan following. Your real goal ought to be to get your fans talking. Give them something to talk about. Converse and interact with your fans. The more you can do that, the more you’ll start to see opportunities crop up to promote your business.

Here’s the good news: Facebook offers several ways for you to market your page. These include sending messages, posting videos, and even distributing links to your page. Take good advantage of these tools and you’ll stay in all-important contact with your fans. By staying in contact with your fans you’ll keep their interest. Lose your fans’ interest and you’ll lose business.

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Find Ways To Get More Facebook Fans

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One of the greatest ways to promote your business is through Facebook. In order to effectively reach your audience you need to find how to get more Facebook fans. Remember the more fans you have, the more exposure your product will get.

If you offer a good product, it is possible that someone has already started a group that allows people to join for fun. If someone has started this for you, it can be a great word of mouth advertising.

One example is a clothing product fan page. The creator of one fan page in particular is a private university president that wore the product as a teen. This page was created six months ago and simply by friends of friends of the creator of the page joining has gown to over two hundred fans. According to Facebook rules, these pages created by a fan should be a group page.

However, there are other times that you will want to promote your own product through Facebook. This is perfectly allowable in the Facebook world. You will create a new page.

After you have all the information on the page, it can become public. This will allow you to invite friends to view your page and become fans of the page. Once they have enrolled, they can get your news feed. When they join or comment on your feed, their friends receive notification.

Since no one may want to be the first to become a fan of your page, you may want to buy some Facebook fans as a beginning. You can do this at uSocial.net. The offer opportunities to grow your base not only at Facebook but also on Twitter and through other areas of social media.

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Article Directories Versus Web Directories – Which is best?

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Any internet marketer will suggest you employ both, an article directory along with a web directory. This may increase your traffic twice as much. However, when time is money and you need to determine one more than the other; that is a difficult choice. You determine which is greatest for you and your website traffic. Both have their very own pros and cons.

A business web directory has two stages, free and paid. Free business web directories can provide optimization but it is not as high in page ranking as a paid optimization. Therefore in comparison to an article directory, it is a paid web directory.

Obviously the main goal to any directory is to drive visitors to your website. The submission to a web directory has become a important component of any Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Basically, when calculating the page rank of a website, it is based on how several input relationships the site receives. Web directories offer an input connection to your homepage and add it to their homepage which in turn increases your page ranking. When your website is linked to multiple web directories, you have more input relationships and this raises your page ranking even greater.

Another objective of using a web directory to obtain a higher SEO is to possess your site indexed; therefore placing your web deal with in the primary page of the search engine. The way in which in which to index your site is to use several search engines and web directories and place your URL manually. Even though there are actually thousands of web directories on the net these days, using a semi-automatic submission will save you time. You will not wish to fill out the account information of each web directory. The semi-automated submission provides ease by automatically filling the information fields with your correct information; thus saving you time and power.

Now you can invest the time by hand entering your information and working using the web directories or you can publish a higher quality informational article and publish it to one or several different article directories. You will gain recognition from the main search engines and web directories. When submitting to article directories you’re really creating a back-link. The secret would be to place links to your website and blog, the more these links are clicked, the more traffic you gain to your website; hence gaining more input connections to your site and ensuring the main search engines and web directories notice your sites recognition. With this new found recognition, your site will probably be placed on their ranking system. Article marketing is the greatest way to naturally gain traffic and have guests that are genuinely interested in your business.

Article marketing is a slow but extremely effective technique to develop recognition depending on natural traffic. The method behind article marketing is that you write quality articles containing information about your business. Then you submit the article by hand to every article directory that you can find, usually the most well known directories are enough. Make sure you place a link to your website or blog on the finish of each article. When someone searches a keyword that matches your article, they’ll read it and click the links that take them to your website or blog.

The distinction between article marketing and SEO depends on the type of traffic you are looking to appeal to. Setting up web directories is extremely tedious and time consuming work on the beginning as well as the main web directories have a price involved. Setting up an article marketing campaign is continuous operate but not as tiresome or time consuming. In addition, all article directories are free to publish; you can submit daily if you choose.

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