How To Save Money With Books And Magazines

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Are you a serious reader who’s had to slow down a bit in your passion thanks to this ridiculous recession? It may seem pretty hard, but if you learn how to save money with books and magazines, you can easily get more reading done than ever before. Below we’ll list just a few of the best ways to save money when you head to the bookstore…

Trade Them In

When you want to grab another book to read, don’t reach for your checkbook. Instead, reach for your bookshelf. There’s bound to be a book store in your area that accepts trade ins. Just take a bunch of books that you don’t plan on reading again, stick them in a bag and take them down to the book traders. This is a good way to get books without spending a single dime, and when you’re done with the new ones, you can trade THOSE ones in, too. The only restriction tends to be that you can’t trade books in for a new book, but this is no problem because…

You Can Always Read the Classics

By “Classics” we don’t just mean “Books written before 1900”. Rather, we mean that there are hundreds of incredible stories out there that you no doubt have not read yet. If you think you’ve already read all the great literature of the twentieth century, get into some new genres. Look at guys like Jim Thompson in the pulp novels, look at the great sci fi writers. Check out more recent great authors like McCarthy. There’s sure to be a lot of incredible stuff out there that you still have not read.

Read Your Magazines Online

In this day and age, more and more magazines are catching on to the idea that you absolutely must have a web presence. This means that more and more magazines are printing online and providing all the same content to their digital readers as they are to their print readers. You can usually even get exclusive web content if you read the online version. Not all magazines have an online edition just yet, but all the magazines worth reading seem to have caught on by now. If you’re wondering how they stay in business, well, it’s really no different from how print magazines stay in business: Ads. The cover price of a magazine covers the cost of printing, and not much else. It’s all about the advertising money, whether in print or online.

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The Benefits When Trading As A Limited Business

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Major benefits of trading as a limited company should be seen in the context of risk. Any business incurs risk, just as people do. In fact the risks faced by business may be considerably greater than those faced by the normal individual.

In the first place a business incurs financial risks. The aim is to make profits. That involves employing people, using capital to buy goods and services and meeting the costs of rent and utilities. There is a very real risk in any business that expenditure will exceed income.

A firm also faces legal risks. A host of laws impose obligations and responsibilities for the health and safety of staff, the conduct of trading, dealings with consumers and so on. It is for the better of a firm and its owners that they should be protected from each other in the legal sense, as far as possible.

A business can also suffer from the personal risks faced by owners or directors. For example, if a key employee becomes ill a replacement may have to be found and then compensated when the original employee returns. Natural disasters like floods or storms can also affect a business without warning.

As the word ‘limited’ implies responsibility for a business cannot be absolved altogether, but it can be limited. If a business falls on hard times and is forced into bankruptcy. A sole proprietor may find that he loses his house and all his assets in order to pay the debts of his business. The main benefit of registering is that it protects the owners and directors from too much personal liability

In its dealings with customers and trading partners a registered limited business will enjoy a certain respect that come from its legal status as a trading entity in its own right. Depending on its location it could also benefit from tax breaks, inducements and awards made by business organizations.

Yet other benefits of trading as a limited company are that the name of the company and its future are protected by law. It will own its own name having been registered. If the person who started it up wishes to move on, or if he dies, the business may carry on as before, trading on it own reputation.

Doing business as a limited company is only one of the methods company formation can occur. Learn more by checking out Companies House company formation web pages soon.