Smartphones, social networking and SMS: what they mean for mobile marketing

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Gen Y are leading the way with mobile technology, which has significant implications for mobile marketing. While this insight has been known to the mobile marketing world for some time, a major US technology report has been released confirming speculations. The Gen Y group use mobile technology and expect businesses to plan for this in their interactions with them, especially using mobile marketing.

The Forrester report found that 23% of Americans aged 18-44 own a smartphone. Across all age groups, 17% own a smartphone; a jump of over 11% since one year ago.

The report shows smartphones and unlimited data plans are being snapped up by both Gen X and Gen Y, therefore providing the tools businesses need to reach these key consumers via mobile marketing. The report concludes that this key 18-44 year old market will continue to drive the adoption of mobile marketing tools.

Researchers found that the Gen Y group “live” for longer amounts of time on their phones, with 85% of this group regularly sending and receiving text messages. The overall rate is 57% of all US consumers over 18. This is particularly significant for the most popular form of mobile marketing: SMS. If people are comfortable using SMS for social purposes, they are more likely to do so for business and sales interactions also.

Unsurprisingly, Generation Y also lead the charge on mobile social network usages at 27%, with the general rate at 14% of consumers. Generation Y mobile internet use is also higher at 32% compared to 23%.

Technology adoption shows a significant age gap, but the older generations are also starting to increase their technology adoption rate. While mobile marketing campaigns are becoming more sophisticated, report researchers warned that businesses need to ensure that the technology divide does not alienate older users from mobile marketing. Ensuring access to mobile marketing campaigns for older consumers will help to ensure a wider market appeal for the business.

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Company Formations Online Are Taking Place All The Time

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Nothing in the world is free. However you can often find things that are a good deal. Usually the best place for this is on the Internet. One thing that is happening more are company formations online. The reason for this is the speed and the cost. People can accomplish many things faster online today.

Before the online and Internet movement people had to physically go to the county clerk or their local courthouse or even the local City Hall in order to file the necessary paperwork to start a business. Generally you need to file with the county that the business is in that you will be doing business within that county.

But when they did this, in order to make it work they had to combine some of the requirements that people must follow in order to file for their business incorporation. Such things that must be done are to file your company name with a local newspaper to in a way, declare with your fellow citizens the name of that business.

Once this is completed, you must take the copies of the newspaper that contain the running of the announcement to the county clerk as proof that you have completed this requirement. Now in some counties you are allowed to set up and pay for the advertisement with the newspaper online. This will save you much time and energy. Then once it has run, you can print the copies that you need from your computer and even email these copies to your county clerk.

Other ways the Internet can be used is to formulate the idea that eventually becomes a business. In some cases a blog generates a huge following and as such the reason for the blog becomes a business. This has happened on many occasions.

This was a concern for counties as well. Many people found company formations online made it easier to do things in their home county. As it used to be more expensive, people would sometimes shop around looking for cheaper fees and less requirements in various other counties. Because this was allowed so long as they filed within the state, their business was still very much legal.

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Tips For Fast And Easy Company Formations Online

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The requirements for doing company formations online are very easy to fulfill, and the registration can be accomplished quickly and with a minimum of documentation or cost. It’s possible for businessmen worldwide to register for doing business in just about any foreign country. All it really needs is the filing fee along with some basic information.

All the work is taken care of by a local registration agent. This agent must have a local address for doing business, and if desired can also receive legal documents on behalf of the newly registered firm. Other details that need to be submitted include the firm’s name, and those of the secretary, directors and shareholders.

This registration agent will, if required, also provide the nominees and office address for the new firm. After registration, the agent can assist with setting bank accounts and an answering service for the firm. Naturally, each extra service provided will incur a fee that will be in addition to the basic filing fee.

After the order is purchased, the registration is done in a matter of hours. Once completed, the papers and all accompanying documents are sent by mail to the registrant. The process described above is the most basic one, and registrants can choose to make quite a few changes.

For instance, the business being registered can be a new company or one from off the shelf. Shelf companies almost always involve a premium. But it is faster and hassle free, and the registrant is free to start off the business instantly after completing the order.

Another thing that can be changed is the location of the business, as in the city and state or province. Some cities make it easy for businesses to register and do business without too many regulations, and some may have low tax rates. To find out a good place with favorable conditions for doing business and company formations online, discuss it first with the registration agent.

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Should you integrate your mobile marketing and online strategies?

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Since its inception, mobile marketing has displayed all the necessary credentials to become one of the world’s leading marketing strategies. Vast scope, convenience and an ever-increasing audience base has made mobile a global phenomenon, much the same as the internet was when it first hit households worldwide. Addressing this similarity, one seems inclined to pose the question, is there potential for even greater success with mobile and internet? Should a strategy for mobile marketing be integrated with an online strategy?

In simple terms, yes, a mobile strategy should be integrated with an online strategy, but not being one to be satisfied with shorthand answers, here is a few reasons why. There is of course going to be the bonus of increased scope and reach to customers if mobile and online strategies should integrate. Already an estimated 5 billion people own cellphones and 1.5 billion people around the world use the internet. However, with mobile already reaching over 3 times the number of people than internet, what advantages can an online strategy offer mobile?

Although online marketing boasts an impressive reach to some 1.5 Billion people worldwide, this figure is dwarfed by mobiles reach of some 5 Billion people. So if the integration would not be for increased audience numbers, what could it be for? In many ways, an integration of online and mobile strategies could see the next step in efficiency for mobile marketing. Online marketing plays host to “real-time” market analysis, whereby analysts can track and measure the success of a campaign constantly as it operates. This could play a vital part for mobile in assisting with its on the go accessibility, marketers can be given on the go market analysis, enabling them to plan any necessary changes to their marketing strategy. Should these alterations need to be made, online marketing strategies allow changes to be made “on the fly” without interrupting campaign accessibility. For mobile, this could mean round the clock updates and campaign management at the same time as round the clock accessibility for customers.

Another feature that the integration of online strategies could produce is an introduction of multimedia content such as audio, video, blogging, email, social media, and ongoing newsletters into mobile strategies. With these already being the norm in many online marketing strategies, an introduction into mobile marketing strategies could open up all new possibilities for customer engagement and tailoring of entire campaigns.

With mobile offering all the benefits of exposure and reach, limitless updates, convenience and accessibility, and online marketing offering the ability to track campaigns in real-time, to change a campaign “on the fly”, and to allow for an array of visual, audio and social-media contents, the integration of mobile and online marketing strategies could see a new era in global marketing, and a new era in marketing success.

Still not sure what a mobile marketing strategy is? Check out this video on mobile marketing: what it is, and how you can use it in your business strategy.

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Internet Marketing Businesses

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There are new business opportunities growing in recently-invented sectors of activity since the development of the electronic market. So, how do people make money on the Internet? Well, it does not matter whether we are discussing businesses selling products or services, the basics of whether an Internet business is working out or not is best judged by sales.

The growth of competition has forced small and large companies alike to adopt all manner of strategies to become visible and profitable online but because the methods of achieving these goals are highly complex, a new kind of business has appeared: the Internet marketing business. Who are these people and how can they help with business promotion? Firstly, most people lack marketing knowledge and understand very little of the artifices used to promote, create a campaign and support a product or service at the top of a search engine.

Internet marketing businesses are most often made up of a team of people who have had proper professional marketing education and who have made a living out of studying the motion of the Internet as a mirror of real-life market transactions. The range of services offered by such companies is extensive and comprehensive. Most of them can assist you with starting a business from scratch and building everything you need for online representation, starting with the design of the web page. What the most service companies require from an Internet marketing business is the development of marketing campaigns and their monitoring over a prolonged length of time.

The goal of these marketing campaigns is the growth of sales and general company profitability. However, there are various types of services that Internet marketing businesses can implement, depending on the requirements of the client. Therefore, you could concentrate on search engine marketing, keyword marketing, web site marketing strategies, sales leads, sales lead management and others.

The advertising campaign can get even more specific too, so there can be much more selective targeting. So, some companies want to convert visitors into leads, others need to improve their search engine ranking and small businesses very often want local or regional exposure etc..

And last but not at all least, Internet marketing businesses are often a very good source of advice for the more knowledgeable website developers, who manage the optimization of a suite of their own sites themselves, but who still need advice on strategies, tactics and marketing techniques.

A good example is the choice of the software necessary to optimize a web site and monitor it constantly, improving the activity and increasing the company’s profitability. What is the criteria for recognizing a valuable piece of software? Well, it is not easy, but good software is usually fairly expensive, but it need not be overly so. It should automate quite a lot of the processes required and it has to produce readily understandable reports that you can act on.

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Benefits Of Doing Company Incorporation Online

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Hiring lawyers to register your corporation is quickly turning into a dying trend. With most services becoming internet based these days, the fact that it is now possible to do company formations online is not a big shocker to most people.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there are innumerable advantages to incorporating your business over the web. Most people who are in the process of setting up a new business do not have the luxury of hiring legal representatives who will be available at their beck and call. Very few individuals usually have the clout required to get priority service from their attorneys.

One of the major benefits of using web-based services to incorporate a start-up is that you can do so from the comfort of your home or office, apart from excising the necessity of engaging a lawyer. This system of creating a new corporation needs very little physical effort from the business owner. You may be required to follow up with the website you have hired, but for the most part, almost everything you need for the process will be obtainable via the internet. There may be certain documents that require your physical signature, but even those will be sent to you through mail.

Reduction in cost is an involuntary byproduct of eliminating the lawyer from the equation. The price of purchasing a package from a website to set up a business is palpably lower. The places that furnish these services also usually offer users a slew of both, free and paid, optional services related to setting up a new business such as bookkeeping, tax related services, stock certificates, advertising and marketing services, ledgers etc.

Most websites provide you with the option of name searching to make sure that there is no other organization already registered under the same name. This is a vital facility which helps you choose a exclusive name for your business, thereby avoiding any future legal hiccups. Many places also suggest names to assist individuals who require help in the event that the names they wanted are not available.

There are a whole host of websites that offer assistance in doing company formations online. They make the process smooth and easy to follow. It is always advisable to take the help of these experts for quick and reasonably priced solutions for registering a start-up.

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