The AZTEC Calendar 2012 – Will The World Manage To Survive?

December 16, 2011 by  
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Today, lots of general predictions are going on in regards to the end of the world. Lots of scientists and astrologists are predicting the world will be over in the yr 2012. A lot of calendars are also published which clearly offered that the overview of the end of world era till 2012. But just other than this, AZTEC Calendar 2012 is also one such calendar which greatly suggested that there isn’t a need to worry about the end of the nworld in 2012 as a result of no such things can happen.

In accordance with the Calendar 2012 producer and Calendar provider, it has been predicted that the world won’t over in 2012 as it is only a common prediction that we’ll surely come to know or realized in the upper stage that our current living modern civilization has already make their entry into the following level in their development and hence, due to this we will easily see the world as an individual just in some different look then what actually it was at the time of our great ancestors.

Normally, the Aztec Calendar 2012 has basically 2 various kinds of counting systems. The very first version of the great Aztec Calendar 2012 is Xihuitl, was usually of just 18 months or little more, along with more 20 days with some extra 5 days generally known as the Nemontemi which tacked onto the end. The another version of the Calendar 2012 from Aztec is the Tonalpohaulli, which is normally a sacrament calendar which is normally having 20 days signs together with their individual names such as the knifes, reed, houses, rabbit etc which is actually set well against 13 days. According to the Calendar supplier, usually the Calendar 2012 counting will greatly follow the benchmarks of the pattern of 1 reed, 2 knife, three houses, 4 rabbit and many more. This cycle will again repeat in every 260 days.

Every such system of calendars has their individual a few of the cyclic events together with some vital annual functions. While on the other hand, the Tonalpohaulli is used for the purpose of assisting the divination and some other crucial ceremonies. These 2 Calendar 2012 are the concurrent ones and always repeat in every fifty two years. Usually, as far as the Calendar 2012 is concerns the world will get over exactly on 12-21-2012 which is the tentative date decided from the Calendar supplier.

According to them, on this specific day all the galaxy stars will be lined up in one single queue and hence, due to this the world will take some uncertain changes accordingly which will be the main explanation for its end. Accordingly, more tsunamis, hurricanes, devastating earthquakes and lot more destructive happenings will surely take place in the yr 2012. They also challenged that the steroids may also collides with earth and which will also put more impact on the earth and its creatures. All these are predictions and the researches are still going on.

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