Email Lists As A Method of Business Growth

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You can safely think about email marketing and list building as investing in the future of your business. You have to view this as something that will carry you forward for who knows how long.

A lot of people favor communities and like being part of one. People just love to be part of something, and any avenue or outlet that allows them to mingle with others will work. Just take Facebook, there have actually been studies that document how much revenue businesses lose because people spend too much time on Facebook. You are perfectly able to construct a place of your own, and then figure out how to make a list from the members. For one thing, including a social outlet or place to hang out and talk along with an existing site can work. You will have to gauge the best time to begin asking for subscriptions, even for free, and then that will be your email list. As you know, when a forum begins to grow, your content comes from the members which is the whole idea. Once you have sufficient numbers of members and traffic, then that is when all your hard work will pay off.

The kind of response you get to your membership site depends on how you market it, but if you do it right, you will end up with hundreds or even thousands of subscribers in no time.

There are certain approaches and strategies that can improve your chances of converting visitors to optins. You can do this easily by adding a pre-recorded audio message that tells your visitors why they should subscribe. You have an option of recording this yourself or outsource and get someone else to do it. Of course we know you have seen video squeeze pages, and they are popular because they can work well. Your video can be about anything relevant to your offer or your market. Whatever way you choose to do, remember that audio and video can make a strong impact on your visitors.

An existing relationship of some kind can be very powerful when you want to build a list. If you do not have a blog, then you should create one as that should attract the audience you want on your list. People usually hold back until they have more trust in a person before getting too involved. You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche through your blog, which ultimately makes it easy for you to convince people to join your list.

Building a targeted email list takes time and effort, and it’s not something that happens overnight. All you really need to do is show up and take action, and then keep doing that until it happens.

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SEO Today

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Search engine optimisation, or seo for short, is a method used to raise a websites ranking on search engines. In order to be able to have an affordable seo consultant who does a great job, you need to look for some at qualities and services that they offer. Correct seo could be the make or break marketing point of your business, and superior seo writing will help you achieve the results you need.

Everyone will agree by saying that there are quite a few areas, when it comes to your business, where you really should employ an expert for certain things in your company and seo and sem is one of them. If you’ve got a functional website that gives the impression good, but very few visitors for the circumstance that nobody knows about it, then you need search engine optimisation.

You could evidently do all the seo yourself, it requires lots of work and purchasing seo software may be costly: if you start up doing your websites seo yourself, you will require to spend a considerable amount in purchasing software and evidently your time. Most seo this includes article writing requires lots of work.

Internet marketing is continually being used by lots business people to place their business to a certain level, it has become an absolute must to be seen on the internet.Hiring an seo expert provides all the site optimisation services that you need to be prepared to gain higher rankings for your website.

Creating backlinks to your website is one of the most important seo tools for gaining field with the search engines. The question is, how can you write good seo content? first things first you must appear as an specialist in your chosen field. You could use an seo company that specialises in article marketing such as Birmingham seo company Seo it Right who will write your articles and by ways of time create 1000’s of backlinks to you website.

Twitter is good at driving traffic from its site and google can now as well index twitter contents. In fact all of the major social networks are superb at establishing awareness for your site. One other useful seo tool is the use of a blog and most essential of all the regular updates to it, of course an seo company can be employed to do this for you.

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What Is SEO Toronto?

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What is “SEO”? It’s an acronym and it stands for “search engine optimization.” That doesn’t tell you much, though, does it? Search engine optimization includes a variety of techniques that help increase the visibility of websites. For SEO Toronto, search engine optimization is meant to utilize Toronto themes in a Toronto-based website, and optimize for them. These techniques can make you much more visible on the Internet, which in turn can give you greater success in your business. This is often used in advertisements for websites and in Internet marketing campaigns. What that basically means is that if search engine optimization results are good, that’ll bode well for your business, and if they’re bad, you may in fact not exist, for all intents and purposes. That’s because your potential customers simply can’t find you.

How SEO Toronto operates

As the name implies, all the SEO Toronto techniques focus on a Toronto website’s search engine ranking. Why, you may ask, are search engines so crucial?

If you don’t optimize your website for search engines — in other words, search engine optimize — for your website, no one who wants to buy your product or service knows where to find you even if they want to. That’s because when they type in the keywords that could potentially help them find what they’re looking for (and direct them to your website), they need to be able to find you; that means you need to set up your site so that it is search engine optimized; if people can find you when they type in particular keyword phrases or search terms into search engines like Google, you’ll do much better for your business.

How do search engines work?

When you surf the Internet and you look for something, what techniques do you use to find it? You type in a keyword phrase or phrases that define what you want, right? As just one example, if you’re looking for fine bone china, typing in “fine bone china” should come up with a number of sites that sell — guess what? That’s right; fine bone china. It’s the same for any website that wants to search engine optimize for a particular product or service.

Ideally, you want to get your website to appear on the search result list so that potential customers can find and visit your site. Unfortunately, just getting on the search results list is not enough. Search engines usually return tens of thousands of websites that match the search term, displayed in a list that goes on for dozens of pages. The average web surfer will only look at the results on the very first page, or maybe the second and third page. If your website is listed further down than that, it might as well not be there at all, because web surfers will very rarely see it.

Therefore, it’s important to have your website show up high in search engine listings. Your potential customers need to find you, come to your site, and, hopefully, buy from you. However, it’s not just enough to get in search engine listing results. Search engines can return literally dozens of pages of results, but what you need to do is to end up on the first one or two pages of results. If you end up much lower than that, chances are also good that no one will see it because they won’t click back that far to look at and therefore find your site.

So let’s take an example. Let’s say, for example, that your website ranks 150 out of 500,000 possible results. That sounds pretty good, right? But with 149 results ahead of you, chances are very poor indeed that people are going to be able to find you. That 150 ranking in results basically puts you on about the 15th page of results, and almost no one goes back that far. So to be successful, you’ll need to be on the first one or two pages of results.

How can SEO Toronto help you do that?

If you want to search engine optimize your pages, you want to optimize for the “big three” search engines. That is, you’ll want to optimize for Yahoo, Bing, and most especially Google. So because of that, your Toronto website needs to rank as high as you can possibly get it to go — again, ideally in the first page or two of results. Especially if you end up on the first page of results, you should see a major jump in traffic that comes to your site.

Search engine optimization strategies can help you increase traffic to your site, and therefore sales; to do that, though, you need to gear your entire website around particular keywords that speak to your product or service. That means your website is very relevant to that particular keyword, which means it’s going to go up in search engine rankings — and hopefully end up on the first page of search results.

Remember, search engine optimization strategies are also commonly known, which means that competitors, too, are probably using them just as you are. Because Internet marketing is so competitive, if your traffic is still almost nonexistent with few sales, give a comprehensive SEO Toronto campaign a try. This could make the results much better.

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How to Make Millions Online

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Its a fancy title, to be sure, but the truth is that there are several folks who can earn millions of dollars on the web. Of course, when you hear that another person has made this amount of money you are more than likely going to scoff and move on. This is most likely because, most likely those heres how I made a million bucks threads are no more than sales pitches. Typically, in IM, people tend to believe that people who make the big bucks do so by teaching other people how to make those same big bucks. Once in a while, if you’re able to create a good system, this actually can happen for you. Most of the time, nevertheless, this is a technique that will just net you a little extra spending money. The following are tips for people who want to gain true and real money on the internet.

The very first thing that you need to do is choose a topic or market that you honestly love and then find a way to work within it. Nowhere does it say, beyond a skepticism, that the only way to actually make money is to do business inside the IM market and to sell IM products. If you have a love for the environment, make a site about that. If you work with a subject that you truthfully enjoy, you’ll be far more likely to stick with that and put honest effort into what you’re doing because you honestly care about your work.

Put in genuine hard work to become an authority in your field. The better folks see you, the more likely you are going to be the one they turn to for advice. Don’t forget: a specialist reputation is important for more than merely selling stuff. It is what people will use to hire you to create products, coaching others on how to make their own products and then contribute in other important ways to your niche. An expert level reputation is exactly what gets you noticed offline as well as on.The Real Route to Produce Millions Online

Its a flashy title, to be certain, but the truth is that there are many individuals who can earn millions of dollars on the net. Obviously though, if you hear that a person has created this sort of money you are probably going to think it’s a hoax and then move on. This is usually because, most of the time those heres how I made a million bucks threads are no more than sales pitches. Most people who work in IM believe that the most successful way to earn money is to say that you can teach others how to make that sort of money. Sometimes, if you can think of a good system this will work for you. More often, on the other hand, you will make little more than a few extra dollars. The following are tips for folks who want to gain true and real money on the internet.

The primary thing you’ll want to do is choose a topic or market that you honestly love and then find a way to work within it. There is zero law that claims that in order to earn a living on the internet you have to sell IM products to IM professionals. If you do have a love for the environment, produce a site about that. If you work with a matter that you honestly adore, you’ll be far more likely to stick with that and put honest effort into what you’re doing because you honestly care about your work.

Proven Techniques for Making Millions Online

Yes, the title is a little fancy, but it is still correct: there unquestionably are folks who produce millions of dollars online. Obviously nevertheless, if you hear that a person has produced this kind of money you are probably going to think it’s a hoax and then move on. This is probably because, most of the time those heres how I made a million bucks threads are not much more than sales pitches. Most people who perform in IM believe that the very best way to earn money is to say that you can teach others how to make that sort of money. Sometimes, if you’re able to think of a good system this may work for you. Most of the time, however, this is a procedure that will merely net you additional spending money. The following are strategies for folks who want to gain true and real money on the internet.

The first thing you need to do is find a topic that you love and then work with that. There is no rule that says that the only method to make money online is to work within the IM sector or only to sell IM products. If you do have a passion for the environment, make a site about that. When you choose a issue that you actually love, you will be a lot more like it to stay with it and put honest effort into your work because that work will be something that you honestly love.

Put in honest effort to become an authority in your field. The more highly folks consider you the more they will be ready to trust you and seek you out for advice. Don’t forget: an expert name is important for more than merely selling stuff. It may also make it easier to get hired to create things, coach people and contribute in some other ways to your niche. When you happen to be an authority individuals will recognize you offline as well as online.

There is far more to your life than just making products and selling them. Focus primarily upon making actual relationships inside of your niche market. Participate inside forums in your niche. Send e-mails to people within your niche actually complimenting these people on something they have produced, created or said somewhere. Leave excellent comments on peoples’ weblogs. Do not ever sell whenever you do these things. The purpose is to form relationships so you will be the primary person they imagine when they are asked do you know anybody who?

If your website is regularly bringing in a nice income in advertising revenue, don’t sell through Flippa. If your site has a good reputation and you are regularly making reliable and high dollar money and you still want to sell the site, get an investment banker to sell it for you. An investment banker who handles sales will provide far more credibility to your offer, act as the middle man and will be a lot better able to sell your website to somebody who has pockets that are deep enough to pay your asking price.

Above all else, don’t forget to have fun after all, if you loathe what you do, how come you’re still doing the work?

When selecting the best rated hosting make sure you take note of also getting your web page placements utilizing search engine positioning tactics.


Professional Search Engine Optimization Toronto: Is It Worth the Cost?

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Surviving the advertising world online is very different from advertising offline. You have the potential to reach far more people online as long as you understand at least the basics of search engine optimization, or SEO. For anyone advertising to Toronto or operating a website geared toward those in Toronto, learning SEO is the only way to be successful long term.

The hard truth is that the vast majority of internet users have no idea that your website even exists. Luckily, most people find websites the same way: through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Unfortunately, as any web surfer knows, most search engines return a list of hundreds of thousands of results, even for a detailed keyword search. If your website is listed as number 1,116 on the 120th page, most search engine users aren’t even going to see it. Therefore, getting search engines to rank your website near the top, specifically on the first or second page of results, is crucial to getting internet users to find and visit your website.

The Challenge of Search Engine Optimization Toronto

Learning SEO is like doing a scientific experiment. You may understand some aspects of what you are doing right away, but there are always finer details which are much harder to grasp.

So, since everything revolves around your search engine rankings, how do you improve your current ranking? Better yet, how do you get ranked if you aren’t already? Search engines find new websites and rank them within categories by sending out robots which are constantly on the troll for updates and changes. These robots access the content on your website as well as other site data to determine your ranking. If you can gain a deeper understanding of what these robots are looking for you can improve your site ranking. This requires some in-depth knowledge that not everyone has.

Practically anyone can write articles and other site content based upon keywords, but few know how to adjust the coding and web hosting details of their website in order to properly optimize it for the search engines. This is where the knowledge required for complete website optimization becomes far more complicated than most people are prepared to handle.

Most people relate SEO as focusing their website around a given keyword and staying on topic, but that is just the very beginning of website optimization for long term success. The bad thing is no one really knows for sure what the search engines are looking for or what they use to come up with their rankings. Even experts in the field are still guessing and speculating.

The “Big Three” search engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) offer advice on their websites as to what they consider to be valid and invalid search engine optimization strategies. These, however, are more general guidelines rather than hard and fast rules, and can often be frustratingly vague.

Search Engine Optimization Toronto – How to Do It Wrong!

There are many SEO strategies which are considered “invalid” with the major search engines because they are designed to trick and deceive the search robots. The goal is to do very simple things to a site in order to wrongfully impact the site’s ranking in a positive way. These tricks have worked in the past, delivering some site rankings that were way higher than the site actually deserved. One of these strategies is stuffing tons of keywords into the site rather than putting up thoughtful, useful content. These strategies are now discouraged by the search engines but because they are often fast and simple they are still tempting to many site owners.

It is important that you not fall into the trap of invalid SEO strategies because it could be the kiss of death to your online business or advertising campaign. The major search engines are now highly intolerant of these scheming strategies because it takes away from the credibility and worthiness of their own websites. If they are falling for these tactics and assigning mediocre or scam websites high rankings, they are thus giving these low quality websites to their customers in the search results pages. Customers won’t appreciate that and will start using other search engines! That is why using these invalid techniques will have serious consequences today. You could find your ranking dropped extremely low or your website may be completely blocked out of a search engine’s ranking system!

SEO Toronto – Hiring a Professional

If you are new to SEO it is to your advantage to hire a professional search engine optimization Toronto expert, at least for your first site. There are some beginners with limited knowledge and experience which can be hired for low prices online, but when you go with an expert you will get the best optimized site possible without risking being blacklisted by the top search engines. This may take a bit more of your advertising budget, but it will more than pay off in the end as your business becomes highly successful rather than completing tanking as a result of poor search engine optimization Toronto practices!

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Eric Jaret – Independent Web Analytic

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Eric Jarett is an independent Web Analytics and SEO/SEM specialist working in the field of market research, social media, networking and PR. He provides digital data convergence generating ROI and develops data metrics, KPI?s and dashboards that drive businesses by setting and evaluating benchmarks. For nearly a decade now Eric has been influencing the development of the industry, lately focusing on Social Media Metrics. He also posesses considerable in-house corporate experience as a group leader at IBM and Monster, combined with contract work atPorter Novelli PR, small businesses and start-ups. He has been consulting various B2B clients, New York Times, US Magazine, TheNewMarket, Havana Central, and many architects & digital ad agencies, including The House Designers and Alan Mascard Homes. He has also provided real time web tracking and attribution metrics for large brands such as Gillette, Laughing Cow, etc. He is Board Member Emeritus at the Web Analytics Association and Member of the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO).

Jarett is involved as a Contributor Columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, VentureBeat, and My Customer. He is also the author of three popular blogs: The Analytics Guru, and Art New York City, Web Metrics Guru with combined readership of 11,000 unique visitors per month and 4400+ Subscribers. He has been a public speaker at many conferences focusing on Social Media metrics, such as Social Media Conference, Monitoring Social Media 09, Social Media Jungle, Online Marketing Forum, Social Networking Conference, and many others.

Eric developed a Social Media Metrics Program for Porter Novelli PR and ran the Social Media Committee at the Web Analytics Association while initiating the first standards work for Social Media Metrics. He created online marketing plans for musicians, visual artists, entertainers and he utilized analytics for strategic media planning, including content generation and market segmentation.

As a Senior Web Analyst in the Insights Group at Monster Worldwide Inc., Eric provided site analytics for products and channels including Affinity Labs,,,,, and Monster International Sites. His Comscore Media Metrix Audit for Monster Worldwide managed to save the company $200K over the fiscal year and his SEO/SEM Dashboard saved potentially over 128K per month.

As a Web Analyst he provided site analytics & Seibel data for Virtual Business Center, which resulted in $1.6 M of identified revenue opportunity for IBM?s effort in Second Life Virtual World. He also developed brand monitoring dashboards for web effectiveness, executed scorecard of the IBM Pressroom, and combed Marketwise metrics on Press Release distribution with IBM site analytics, thus showing the pressroom team, for the first time ever, the value of their press releases.

In the past he consulted Citibank, Barclays Bank, Crossbar/Citibank, UNIX, Reuters-Lipper, Prudential and SIAC.

Eric holds an MA in Media Studies form the NY Institute of Technology and possesses a Certificate of Marketing Management from the Baruch College, a NY Continuing Education Division.

Selected presentations: Future of Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp, London ?10 Build your own Social Media Monitoring , Social Media Monitoring Bootcamp, London ?09

Read more: Bio – Eric Jarett


WordPress SEO Done in the Right Manner

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It takes only a few minutes to Install WordPress and start posting on it; but when it comes down to traffic, SEO should be your main focus. Most search engines really do appreciate WordPress sites but you have to get their attention first so that they know you’re there.

Creating Incoming Links: We understand how important it is to build links for search engine optimization. But when you’re working with WordPress, SEO becomes a lot more easier and proper link building gives great results. Although outbound links are important for the success of your WordPress website in relation to the search engines, you should pay attention to internal links so that inbound linking will be beneficial for you. Look around and you will see that all of the major blogs have internal links on their blogs. Producing a well thought out linking system will not only make it easy for your visitors to navigate your site, but it will make the search engines like your site more too. Building internal links is considered to be necessary in the eyes of the major search engines.

XHTML Code Validation: This is an important step when it comes to creating a strong WordPress site that gives relevant results. There many reasons why you website should be validated by the world wide web. Even if you do not familiar with HTML, it will not be hard for you to catch on. Go to the W3C Validator and type the name of your site. If you find out that your website is not validating, then go through the instructions until you find the issue and correct it.

Proper XHTML Code This cannot be ignored when starting a credible WordPress site that is effective. There many reasons why you website should be validated by the world wide web. Even if you do not familiar with HTML, it will not be hard for you to catch on. Go to the W3C Validator and type the name of your site. If it does not validate, then walk through the directions until find the problem and fix it.

Making sure your website is validated is will ensure that nothing becomes a hindering factor you’re to rank your pages in the search engines.

Customize Slugs for Each Post: When you’re writing a post for your WordPress site, you’ll find a field called Slug that is located just below the title of the your post, which is what determines the address of the article you’re posting. Make sure that you’re providing the search engines with a loud and clear message by using your keywords in the page title, article content, and meta descriptions. WordPress goes out of its way to make the entire SEO process easy but you cannot ignore the importance of keywords and keyword placement as part of the SEO process. There you are! The steps that are outlined here are easy to apply and will help you take your WordPress site to the next level as far as your search engine rankings are concerned.

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SEO Copywriting Service Companies

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SEO copywriting services are provided by firms or individuals who will either write pieces of writing to order or will permit you, for a fee, to re-use and rewrite articles that they have written beforehand. Some of these companies are excellent, but most of them are worse than bad.

Some of the articles that these firms sell are so bad that it would have been easier to write the pieces from fresh rather than rewrite the gibberish that they put up for sale.

The difficulty when you are searching for SEO copywriting services is that most people who require these services are working alone and often those who do know a good firm offering SEO copywriting services would prefer to keep the information to themselves.

Inquiring in a forum is practically useless, because there are too many members who do not know but have to say something and there are others who would not know a good piece if they read one.

Therefore, the best advice is to be vary careful before you listen to advice and be very, very careful before you part with any money. There are different degrees that these companies work on, so it also depends what you need.

Do you want a firm to supply SEO copywriting services in toto – that is, do you need them to write the pieces and advertise your company for you or do you need to buy pieces from them and promote your own web site yourself?

The first option is expensive, but there are two degrees of the second option: first, if you buy original pieces, you will have the same problems mentioned above, but if you purchase PLR articles (private label rights), you ought to rewrite them a little anyway in order to render them unique. This is an easy and far less expensive quest.

Let’s start with the top end of the market. if you want someone to take over promoting your company on the Net, then you have to be certain that that firm understands the business that you are in. For example, would a firm that has had success marketing a garden centre be able to advertise a butcher’s?

Therefore, you need to see examples of the companies that they have run successful campaigns for in the past and you ought to look at their web site and even contact the company to see if there were any worries. A bona fide SEO copywriting services firm will be happy to show you these details, because they will be proud of their reputation.

If you just want someone to write original articles for you, you can afford to be a great deal less curious. All you need to know in this instance is the details of the guarantee. If there is no guarantee that you will like the pieces, then go elsewhere.

If you are prepared to do a little rewriting of the articles that you have bought, you can render them your own. This is the route that most people using SEO copywriting services take to add content to their web sites or use as pieces to advertise them.

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Can SEO Generate Leads for Your Business?

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You have probably heard a number of incredible statements about Toronto search engine optimization… which has probably made you wonder how you can generate leads for your business with SEO. You may even be asking what in the world SEO is and can it really be beneficial to your business. SEO or search engine optimization is the latest buzz for the millennium and probably beyond. How is going to help build your business and what does it really do anyway?

You may be asking, will Toronto Search Engine optimization improve your page ranking or will it generate leads for your business? The truth is that it should do both. The one tool that successfully helps generate excitement amongst customers, increase traffic, generate leads and helps you get new clients and customers is SEO.

How can it do all those things? Isn’t it just well placed words in an article or on a web page? Ideally SEO is more than a few keywords tossed on your website. They are well placed words, used in the right context that give your visitors something to find.

To help give you the complete picture of how SEO helps you build your business we will take you through from start to finish.

* Keyword research is done by you or someone in your company. You are looking for the words that people are using to find products and services similar to yours.

*Keyword rich content is created by either you or someone else.

*The search engine finds those keywords and picks up on the overall idea of your site. They spider your site for content and place it in the search engine.

*Then potential customers and current customers sit down and type in the keywords (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). The search engine then returns the most relevant websites based on the keywords used.

*The content will then generate matches based on the information they are looking for based on the keywords the customer typed in.

* Potential, possible and current customers land on your site, take the time to explore your site… sign up for offers you have such as e-lists or newsletters or special offers.

The SEO rich content that you have just created a more leads in one day than your radio ad or TV ad did in a week. Think about it this way, if content is KING as they say then SEO is the biggest jewel in his crown. To learn how to generate the most leads with the least amount of effort and do it for less money then you are using to advertise on other media outlets take a close look at Toronto search engine optimization.

Few people would argue that the internet is where it is at. Sure the television is still around and so is the radio… but really, do you know how many people actually watch TV or listen to the radio on the computer? Forget the soon to be extinct media outlets, tap into the internet and grow your business.

If your content isn’t using good SEO then it may not even be getting noticed. If they can’t find you then you’re not going to grow in leads or in business. While other media may work sometimes, good solid content and good SEO works all the time. Toronto search engine optimization can help you to learn how to generate leads and give your business the edge.

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SEO And Getting More Backlinks Part One

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If you are at all serious about earning money on line, then you should be concentrating a lot of your effort on SEO and getting more backlinks. SEO is ‘search engine optimization’, but for those who are not certain what backlinks are, here is an explanation.

Backlinks are links from other websites back to your website. Google and other search engines use the number of backlinks it can find to a website to judge how popular (and therefore how good or and helpful) it is. The most popular websites float to the top of the search engine rankings.

However, there are two kinds of backlinks: reciprocated and unreciprocated backlinks. Reciprocated backlinks are those where Google finds a link from your website back to the other website, which it perceives as a one for one swap.

These links are deemed to be of less worth. Unreciprocated backlinks are perceived to be of high value because, Google reasons, you must be so good that webmasters will link to you for nothing.

I am sure that you appreciate that it is very useful to get to the front page of Google’s search results for the keyword phrase that you would like to rank for, but maybe you do not realize quite how vital it is.

On average, over 85% of surfers arrive at the web site that they would like by looking for it on a search engine and most surfers use Google. Not only that, but most people do not look further than the first page of results and most of those do not even scroll down to check the others that they cannot see on the first page (below the fold).

It could be that the numbers 1-5 in the search results have 10 times more clicks than the numbers 6-10 (assuming 10 results per page) and 100 times more than anybody on page two. After page two, you can forget it really.

Not just will your website receive more clicks up on the top of the search results, but the people who click through to your site will be looking for what you have to sell, which means more focused visitors. If the product sells, the top three do extremely well indeed.

I will return to getting more backlinks later, because there are a few other little tweaks that you can check on to improve your search engine ranking (SEO). Firstly, make sure that the title of your website is relevant to what you are using the site for.

For example, if you are selling T-shirts, it is better to call the site “Mike’s T-shirts” than “Mike’s Clothing”. There are other methods of linking websites, if you make a decision later to sell collared shirts or jumpers. Stay focused. Begin making money by selling T-shirts and then move on.

If you have several pages, be sure that the titles of each page are relevant too. Check the source code for each page too and be sure that the META tags are relevant: that is, put at least six keywords in the keyword meta tag and put a relevant description in the description meta tag – again keep them targeted but do not repeat a keyword more than three times per page.

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