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When it comes to promoting a business a lot of people really want to invent something new. They are seeking a new idea, a new way to get the word out. Rather than coming up with a new idea look for ideas that have been used in the past. Look for things that have already been done with some success. Take an old idea and add a new twist to it to create something that people will notice.

One of the best examples of marrying an old idea with a new idea is Groupon. This Chicago-based company started in 2008 and now has over 70 million subscribers that log on each day looking to see what the daily deal is. Groupon married together the old idea of coupons and the new concept of social media. Companies have been sending coupons to people’s homes for decades, because people take advantage of them. Most of those same people who use coupons also use social media.

This means that Groupon does not have to work hard to get people to sign up, because people want to receive the good deals being emailed to them everyday. People then take advantage of the deals they want. When people get what they think is a great deal they share it, and the deal often goes viral, which results in more subscribers for Groupon.

It does not matter what business you are in or where you do conduct your business there exist business ideas that can be married together to develop a new concept. There is a San Diego based vending company that used the old idea of dispensing candy and chips from a vending machine and wedded it with the modern idea of eating healthy. They now put out vending machines that feature healthy snacks like fruits and trail mix.

If you want to find a new way to promote your business then look at the tried and true ideas that have existed for decades and mix in a new twist to it create a new idea. You don’t have to come with something revolutionary just put old and new together and you can get people to notice you.

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